This seems like something straight out of a horror film but there is a neighborhood in Whitehall, Ohio that is completely abandoned. Like...completely, to the point that there are dozens of houses sitting totally empty in an almost Silent Hill vibe. My Lens Adventures made a post on Facebook showing their documentation of their first experience checking this place out. One woman who was a former resident couldn't believe the state they were in:

OMH I lived there about 8 years ago! They were trying to get Whitehall to be a up and coming neighborhood and they promised that they would build a park a pool extra but basically it fell thru they started letting section 8 in cause bills weren’t getting payed and sadly they ended up closing! They were all renovated like 9 years ago too!

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After scrolling through these pictures I was trying to find any information as to why the entire place was empty, but the photographer was able to possibly shed a little light on the mystery:

In the 60s it was used for military housing. Over the years it became public housing and then low income housing. The area had a high crime rate. In 2019 a developer bought it and informed the residents that they were not renewing any leases. After everyone was gone, something happened with the developer during COVID and ended up what it is today. But Whitehall has slated the area for demolition and will be rebuilt soon.

So it looks like it will most likely be getting the wrecking ball regardless of its current state. Still, the fact people aren't using this area to shoot a film or show is kind of bonkers, especially considering they're most likely gonna tear it down anyway.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Abandoned Deer Forest & Story Book Lane

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