I'm sure there are lots of bets being placed on the big game in a couple weeks, but none as funny or heartwarming as the bet placed between actors Chris Pratt and Chris Evans.

Chris Pratt, who you may know better as Star-Lord from "Guardians of the Galaxy," is a HUGE Seattle Seahawks fan. And...Chris Evans, who portrays Captain America in everything having to with the Marvel Universe, is all about the New England Patriots. So when Evans took to Twitter to announce that Pratt was now his enemy, Pratt wouldn't stand for that. The Daily Dot chronicles the whole back-and-forth.


After some trash talk and banter between the two superheroes, they chose a very adorable way that the loser would have to settle the debt...by dressing as their respective good-guy alter egos and visit a children's hospital in the winner's home town. How amazing and generous is that?!?

You can see the whole faux-fight between these two good guys HERE.