It really is great especially for all of my taco lovers, like me, cause there are plenty of places to score some great deals on Tacos.

  • Taco Bell: For just one day only, they are introducing the $5 National Taco Day Gift Set, which includes four of their signature hard shell tacos: their classic crunchy taco, along with their Fiery, Cool Ranch and the Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos tacos.
    • You can also send a Taco Bell gift card to a friend for them to use on this day or any day.
  • On The Border: The Tex-Mex franchise is offering “endless” tacos all day Thursday for just $8.99, allowing customers to get as close as possible to a taco paradise.
  • Cold Stone Creamery: Yes the ice cream place. For one day only, you can purchase a Waffle Taco at the ice cream chain.

Also in the Lansing-Area we have dozens of other Mexican food and Taco places so you can check out one of them today to celebrate such as; Mr. Taco on MLK, El Azteco, and Fiesta Charra.

You can check out all of the other National Taco Day deals here, but you will probably have to drive to get to them.

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