Nine year old, Hilde Lysiak, is following in her dad's footsteps.  Her dad is a former New York Daily News reporter.  So when the family moved to the small Pennsylvania town of Selinsgrove, where there was no local newspaper, Hilde told her parents that she wanted to start her own newspaper -- and that's what she did.

Orange Street News is a monthly publication that covers local news -- serious news.  In fact, Hilde recently beat other area media to the scene of a murder investigation!

"We're clearly the most irresponsible parents ever," her dad joked in an interview with NBC's Today Show.  "I don't really want to get in the way of her passion."

The Lansing-area organization, ePIFanyNow™, is looking to honor local youth that are making a positive contribution to their communities and paying it forward, with the 2nd Annual Y-PIF Award.  Now, I'm not in charge of determining who wins the Y-PIF Award, but, an idea like Hilde's seems like a pretty great reason to nominate a kid.  This award is open to kids in the Lansing area and the nomination deadline is Friday April 8th!  So click here NOW!

Check out Hilde's newspaper, Orange Street News, online at  You can even subscribe -- yes, even here in Michigan -- ya know, just to support an entrepreneurial kid.  $14.99 for a year subscription (12 issues).  I'll be looking for my first issue soon!

Sidebar: For those of you that may disagree with me that Hilde running her own newspaper is the greatest thing ever -- she has a message for you.