Kroger has announced it’s making a $180 million investment in Michigan. The money will be used to create more stores and creating 1,000 new jobs. The money will also be used to fix up existing stores or to upgrade them as well.

Kroger will build three new Marketplace stores, with 6 new feul centers and 22 new ClickList sites. Clicklist are stores that you can order your groceries online and pick them up at the store with out entering the store. Along with the new stores there will also be extensive remodeling to being their older stores up to date.

More info the remodeling and when the new Fuel and ClickList sites will be built will come in the following months. The Lansing State Journal has the full story on the Kroger expansion.

According to the Kroger Co. of Michigan, it has 19,000 employees, 129 stores, 69 fuel centers, 103 pharmacies and the Michigan Dairy