You might be thinking about going to Meijer today, or you might already be on your way there. Well, I'm pretty sure I know a few things you'll see when you get there. Now we all know that when we walk into Meijer we will be seeing tons of food, clothes, furniture, and of course tons of people. But there's more than just those things that make up the Meijer experience. Let me lay out five things/people that you'll run into pretty much every time you stop in to pick up your groceries.

First, you will always see a random cart sitting in an aisle. Sometimes there's an item in there, but nothing that has anything to do with the aisle you're currently in. You'll probably see this lone cart in the toy aisle or where the bicycles usually are.

Second, you'll always see that family or group of people taking way too long in the cereal aisle. You will probably see a group of two people or maybe a family of one or two adults with a few kids that take up the middle of the aisle as they ponder their cereal choice. I just want to get in there, grab my cereal, and go, but it turns into a whole thing of trying to get past them.

Third, there will always be a line of customers waiting to scan their items at the self-cashier lines. Yes there's always a line of people waiting to use the one set of self-cashier aisles without knowing their are 6 other self-cashier aisles on the other side of the store. But who wants to bring all of their groceries to the other side of the store?!

Forth, you'll pass by the Meijer worker who has the job of putting back items in their correct spot. You will usually see this worker walking around the store with a cart full of the most random items. This person has the time-consuming job of putting back the bag of flour that someone left in the candle aisle two hours ago.

Finally, you'll always see the person that has no idea what they're looking for. They might have one of those hand baskets, but usually they are walking around with no basket and might have one item in their hands (a toothbrush or a picture frame, something random). You might also find these people roaming around the wine/beer aisle or around the kitchen appliance aisle. They'll be asked by a Meijer worker if they need help and they'll usually say "No?".

So there you have it. Is there anyone or anything I forgot? Tell me about it on our app; just tap the "CHAT" tab.

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