It never fails.  Upon the first snowfall, my Facebook feed fills up with the "learn how to drive" posts.  Half of my friends are mad because people drive too slow and the other half are mad because people drive too fast.  What do you think -- do people need to learn how to drive in snow or do people need to...well...learn how to drive in snow?

Here's an example of LOTS of people who need to learn should know how to drive in snow.  It boggles the mind how something like this happens, but what boggles my mind most is the people who got out of their vehicles and appeared to be exchanging insurance information while 2,000 pound bullets were continuing to fly at them.

Call me crazy, but, standing in the middle of the road as vehicles are continuing to smash into each other all around you doesn't seem like the best place to be conducting business.

(Alabama has some other winter survival tips for you here!)