I officially had to brush snow off my car for the first time this year... Now being from the south and not used to the snow, it's become trial and error for me to learn how to live with this cold white stuff.  Especially this year living in a house for the first time compared to living in an apartment... I'm already stocked up on plenty of salt and a snow shovel for the sidewalk and driveway this year (woof!).  But I decided to go straight to the experts (YOU) via Facebook and Twitter and ask for more tips on how to live with snow.  Here are my favorite so far:

  • @JamesCKnapp: "Build an igloo so you don't freeze to death."
  • Mercedes Sheppard-Morrow: "Stay insided with Netflix and coffee and/ or hot chocolate."
  • Jill Marie Gleason: "Good tires, properly inflated!"
  • Shane Harley Turner: "Sleds, snow suit, Enjoy!"
  • Andrew Brown: "Emergency kit in car...blanket and such.  Other than that just floor the pedal and do donuts."
  • Starr Anderson: "The yellow snow is NOT as tasty as it looks!"
  • Harry Ellison: "Always have an extra pair of long underwear!"
  • Melissa Swearinger: "Good winter boots, warm socks, coat, hat and gloves!  Maybe a freakin' ski mask!"
  • Ssgt Felipe Mcilroy: "Big Shovel!"

LOVE THESE!  Feel free to ad to the list!