It's the first official Monday Runday!  Here's how it works... Every week keep up with your best run times and send them to me!  I'll take submissions from your best run times for the week up until midnight every Sunday night, and then on Monday I'll post all of our times and pick a winner for the best times in these categories: 1 mile, 2 miles and 5k.  Who knows maybe even people who just run the most will win something as well!  Some people simply send me their times and other's have sent a screen shot of their times to me from either an app or while on the treadmill (please don't hurt yourself taking a picture on the treadmill!)  So... without further adu... lets get started!

Here's a runners tip I learned yesterday via fellow runner Brett Miller that I thought was interesting... He suggests to eat an apple before a run and a banana afterwards... when I asked why, he says: 'Apples are a slow burning sugar so it's good energy that is not a quick burst and bananas will replenish all the stuff you lose during the run.'  Any tips you guys have for running feel free to share in the comments below.

Here are your times!!!! (ps... I don't count average time per mile because it doesn't give me an accurate time for the actual mile you ran, each mile could be different) so I run two days a week, one day is for speed on my 1 mile and the other day I try to run for distance (see how far I can run and worry less about my time on that first mile).


Brett Miller7:0714:3823:02
Holly Ledesman/an/a24:35
Josh Gonzalezn/an/a21:47
Addie Hayesn/an/a30:45

Shelly Reed also ran 8 miles in 67:11 so that wins a pair of movie tickets just because running 8 miles consecutively is freaking awesome!
Other mentions are Sarah Fowler who ran 5.6 miles in 55:11 and my sarcastic friend Scott Bell who says 'Time spent running the streets: 24.7'.

Winner for the 5K is Josh Gonzalez!  1 and 2 miles are Brett Miller (sorry Brett you can only win one pair of tickets)!  Alright, now get to running and send in your best times this week now through Midnight on Sunday!  Don't stress about your times if you didn't win, it's really cool just to see what other people are running and it's a great way to track your progress (ie. have me track it for you). You can send me your times by filling out the form below.