I've now lived in Michigan for 6 months now and getting used to where everything is and what places to check out. But what I didn't know was that there are many different things and sayings that people from Michigan only do and now I will have to as well.

1. Calling Soda, Pop - I've lived on the west coast and the east coast, and while I was there we called it soda, but not here. Pop is the only way to order it unless you want someone smiling cause they know you're not from here.

2. Referring to Stores As Possessive - Some examples of this are "Hey lets go to Meijer's or Kroger's" when the name of the store is actually Meijer and Kroger.

3. Construction is just another season here - Oh boy is it! I didn't notice it until about 3 weeks ago now everywhere I go someone is fixing the roads or bridges. I'm all for it I'm just saying I never saw an entire state just get into construction mode.

4. Using Our Hands As Maps - No matter which part of Michigan you are from you must turn your hand around and point to it.

5. That I now hate Ohio - Everyone in Michigan hates anything Ohio, whether that's the people or the their teams. I'm enjoying this while living here as I never had been a fan of the Buckeyes or any other team in the state.

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