Yes it is National Doughnut Day! This means you should go to all of your favorite places you normally get Doughnuts cause you will probably get some freebies today!

I'm new to Lansing so sorry to all of the local Doughnuts Chains cause this is a list of my top 5 favorite from National Chains

#4 - Starbucks - Their doughnuts always go well with their coffee as you get the right amount of sweetness to the strongness of their coffee. Plus ask them to heat up your Doughnuts cause you won't regret that decision.

#3 Dunkin Donuts - Ok they have Donut in their name so you would think they would be #1 but to me I just can't put them at #1 cause I have been eating them forever (I lived in NJ for most of my life and THEY ARE EVERYWHERE). So its not that I don't like them I guess I just need a break from them to love them like I used to

#2 Tim Hortons - I'm so glad I moved to Lansing cause finding a Tim Hortons anywhere but being in Canada is hard to do. I love Tim Horton's and have been to Canada several times in my life to go to this magical place. Their doughnuts are great but everything else they have on their menu is also spectacular. Ugh I may need to take a break and go there.

#1 Krispy Kreme - This is #1 cause all they do is make great glazed doughnuts that you can't just eat one of, you need to eat at least 3 and then take a nap afterwards. Their doughnuts are great at anytime of the day and if you feel bad afterwards go for a light walk or jog to burn off the calories so you can refill your body with more. If you pass by a KK stop and get a half dozen cause you won't regret it. Plus on #NationalDoughnutDay they give away alot of free food!

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