Jane Aldrich, a WLNS-TV staple, was stunned when she heard about a health situation her co-worker faced, and she was live on the air when it happened.  Following a package about WLNS Sports Director, "Uncle" Fred Heumann, in which he shared the details of an emergency hospitalization and surgery for a 90% blockage in one of his heart valves, Aldrich was in tears.  It was the first she had heard of the situation that occurred only months before.  Heumann said discovering the issue when he visited the doctor after suffering chest pain prevented him from having a heart attack.  Offering words of comfort to Aldrich, Heumann said "Touch me, babe, I'm here."

The package is part of special Men's Health Awareness programming on WLNS during the month of November, "Friends for Life."

In addition to important stories like this both on 97.5 NOW FM and 6 News, the men of WLNS and I are participating in the #NoShaveNovember initiative to help raise awareness about the importance of us men getting to the doctor and having regular check-ups.

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