According to an article on Time Magazine the most brave man in the world is the man listening to the entire Nickelback music catalog for 168 hours straight. Why would anyone expose themselves to such torture? Well, for a good cause. Podcaster, Jesse Carey is raising money for a good cause, the cause? A charity called, Charity: Water. Carey wanted to raise 10 grand for the foundation and has already topped $17,000. Wow. I'm sure there are side effects from exposing yourself to so much butt rock. We'll have to ask when this experiment is over.

I know that it was "cool" to hate Nickelback a few years back and in all honesty, they aren't that bad. I can listen to a few of their songs. It really isn't that miserable. But, as time went on and on and it seemed that they were being forced to mass produce a bunch of music, that's when things got bad. Real bad. I would say 90% of their catalog is pretty awful in all reality. So I've been thinking, what is one band or artist that you could listen to for 168 hours so that it would be an awesome experience instead of a negative one? Let's talk about it alter today on the show.