I had a meeting with Justin Bieber’s record label last week.  The new Bieber/Simpson is real and it’s going to be here in days, not months.

There has long been talk about a Justin Bieber/Cody Simpson collaboration.  It's official -- not just a song, but an entire acoustic-based album will arrive before the end of the year.  While the pair have been saying by November, you'll be hearing the song that I got treated to sooner than that.

I literally had absolutely no idea that I was listening to Justin Bieber, and when he told me, I was shocked.

This is a complete musical and vocal departure from anything we've ever heard from the Beebs.

And WOW -- has Cody Simpson grown up!  Remember when we met Cody years ago?  He was just a little  guy -- 13? -- when we had lunch at Stillwater in Okemos.

It's been slow for Cody in the U.S. but this could be the perfect timing for both him and Justin.  Each has a little bit of what the other needs!

Get ready.