If you don't keep up with the latest America's Next Top Model, and I'll be honest here in saying that I haven't avidly watched that show in a solid 5 years, then you may not know who Chantelle Brown-Young is. But, fret not, I am here to inform you of her and her awesomeness!

Chantelle Brown-Young is a former contestant of this summer's season of  America's Next Top model and despite being kicked off for being "too tight" in pictures, she is doing just fine and dandy. She is going to be the face of a worldwide fashion brand for this fall. Oh, and did I mention that she's kicking butt in the modeling world while having vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a condition where skin starts to present with white patches due to loss of skin pigmentation. Since Young is an African America, these white patches stand out against her darker skin, but she doesn't let that bother her in the least! She embraces what makes her so unique, and the modeling world loves it! You can read what she has to say about her condition and how she doesn't let it bother her HERE.

This is just another step forward in positive body image and how to embrace your imperfections and what makes you a beautiful individual! And I am so thankful to strong women like Chantelle who put themselves out there and help to show courage to others who may need it!

How do you feel about the positive body image movement and how it affects your life? Do you think that Chantelle and companies like Aerie (with their No Photoshop policy) are helping to make an impact? Let me know in the comments below!