I was actually starting to feel a little depressed that all my shows were on hiatus.  I heard a commercial today (on 97.5 NOW FM, just to clarify) that Bates Motel would be back on tonight.  Even though I had actually fallen off the 'watching Bates Motel' wagon a little bit ago, I was immediately giddy for the show's return.

I come to you now from "Daddy's chair," watching the season premiere, which welcomes to the cast, a former star of one of my recently-cancelled favorite shows, Revolution.  (I knew that show was over when Bret Michaels made an appearance.)

Other shows I'm eagerly anticipating?  Oh, thanks for asking!

I just saw a commercial for TURN.  It returns in April.  I got turned on to that show (see what I did there?) because it used to follow Hell On Wheels, which I know has officially been cancelled, but will continue to run two more seasons before it's gone.  So, I'm eagerly awaiting the return of that show as well.

I also need some new episodes of Railroad Alaska in my life, but I have no idea when/if that's back.  But what I'm most anticipating is the return of Longmire in it's new Netflix-exclusive form.

These are all existing shows, but I've seen some great teasers for brand new shows, including The Returned, which follows Bates Motel.

I'm starting to feel my depression lifting!

What shows are you looking forward to?