Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the ladies. Ya'll are beautiful. But, I have to say that naked celebs are starting to get a little boring. Not sure if I'm alone on this, I may be with fellow dudes but, you never know. In particular, I'm mostly bored of anything that is Kim Kardashian and surrounding Kardashians. Especially when she decides she no longer wants to wear clothing. Again, don't get me wrong here. She is gorgeous, especially in her birthday suit, but do we really need to see it again and again? She "broke the internet" late last year with her naked magazine cover. I think we saw plenty of front and back side goods from Kim there, right?

Well, according to MTV, she will be naked yet again. Hooray. Yawwwnnn. We get it, you're hot. You don't like wearing clothes. You're a real rebel. Did I forget to mention your sex tape? We ALLL know what you look like in the nude Kim. Anyway, she wants to immortalize the way her body looks like now because she is actively trying pretty hard to get pregnant all over again with her husband, Kanye West. Well, I'm sure we can look forward to another nude photo shoot in some capacity while she's pregnant or post baby.