It happened -- the giveaway of a live animal.  A hip-hop radio radio station in Detroit partnered with a Southfield pet store to give away a "full bread [sic]" Yorkie puppy.

If this is a bit unsettling to you, you're not alone.  There are nearly 200 comments on the station's website about the contest and seemingly most, if not all, admonish the contest as irresponsible.  (Others are just outraged at the misspelling of "bred.")

To be fair, when the contest was brought to my attention I thought that it was questionable and perhaps even tacky, but it was only after reading the comments on the page that it became clear -- the people have spoken and it's a bad idea.

I have to hope and believe that if we ever did something that garnered this much negative response, that it'd be over before it started.  (Believe me, we have some bad ideas every now and then.)

The contest was announced on February 17th but there is little trace of the promotion on the station's website.  A post on the pet store's Facebook seems to indicate that a winner was selected, giving the appearance that the contest was fully executed, despite the negative response.

So what do you think?  Should WE give away a pet?  Comment below!