His name is Hunter Yelton and he is a TROUBLE maker.  Oh yeah.  His behavior is quite outrageous.  What did he do, you ask?  Oh, he kissed a classmate!  ...on the HAND!

The school suspended Hunter, hoping to "send a message" that "sexual harassment" is not oka---wait, what?!  "Sexual harassment?!"

Yes, that's right.  The Colorado school has placed those words on his permanent record.

Sidebar: Can you imagine a future college admissions representative looking over his record and thinking 'what kind of morons set this kid, and many other normal kids just like him, up for failure at 6 years old?!'  I can.  (Among other similar questions.)

I intentionally included the word "normal" based on comments from a child psychologist who spoke with KRDO-TV; Sandy Wurtele specializes in child sexual development and the prevention of childhood sexual abuse, and she says kissing is totally normal behavior for kids this age.  She told the TV station, "[The discipline] really gives mixed messages, negative messages to the kids...this part of development is just as important if not more than their academic subjects."

His mother is understandably mortified, moreso with the words "sexual harassment" being thrown around, saying that she's now been faced with questions about sex from her 6 year old.

Sidebar: Aren't they teaching sex ed in kindergarten now anyway?  I mean, isn't it the school's job to teach kids these things?  (Ha.  That was sarcasm.)

School officials say they hope the suspension vacation will help deter his inappropriate normal actions.

Hunter's mom says he and his "victim" are "boyfriend and girlfriend," but Superintendent Robin Gooldy says the school's decision reflects "unwanted advances."