The East Lansing Police Department has removed a post on its Facebook page that asked for information on a man seen in Indianapolis during the MSU vs. Ohio State game on Saturday.  The outcome of the game prompted more than 50 celebratory fires when the Spartans beat undefeated Ohio State in a win that propelled them to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on New Year's Day.

What's so interesting about that man?  He was holding a sign that read 'Burn the Couch.'

The post went viral and drew sharp criticism from...well...just about everybody.  Even the Mayor of East Lansing is said to have expressed concern over the apparent suggestion that the man could somehow be held accountable for the fires.

It's unclear as to why the post was removed and ELPD is staying mum at present.  State News reporter, Celeste Bott, was told on Tuesday afternoon that any further information the department wishes to release will be in the form of a media release.

What do you think?  Could the guy be charged with inciting a riot?