Few loves are as satisfying as the ones between cats and their owners, especially when said owners treat their kitties to lots of delicious vittles. In Fancy Feast's 'Love Served Daily' commercial, a fluffy, white feline and its owner bring each other immeasurable joy. What's the song that serves as the soundtrack to their reciprocal relationship?

It's Meiko's 'Stuck on You.' Her voice is soft and comforting like a cozy sweater, which is a feeling similar to the warmth and the joy one experiences when owning a cat. That's why the song is such a great fit for this commercial.

The song appears on Meiko's second album 'The Bright Side,' which came out back in 2012.

The singer, originally from Georgia, has been steadily building her career in Los Angeles since around 2007, playing gigs, touring, releasing albums, catching the ear of tastemakers and doing her thing. She has also seen her songs featured on TV shows, as well. She is clearly on the rise.