In May of 2011, Desmond Langham passed away at 32 years old due to a stroke. From what I have gathered about Dez (as referred to by his close friends) he was very loved and had a wonderful group of friends who wanted to see that he had a proper memorial and would not be forgotten.

After his passing a group of his friends painted a 'ghost bike' for Desmond (who was always on his bike) and rode around town with the bike and ended at Mac's Bar where they all told stories about their good friend and chained up the bike as a memorial to him.

Fast forward to 2014, where Mac's Bar has now received a ticket from Lansing Township to clean up the parking lot at the back of the bar (where the bike is chained up). One of the things included in the ticket for clean up was the bike that is a memorial to Desmond.

Desmond's friend,  Keith Scott Budd said:

"After he passed many of his friends organized a memorial ride through Lansing, which concluded at Mac's Bar, one of Dez's favorite places to see live music locally. The bike was chained up in homage to him, and it serves as a reminder to many of us of a friend that we lost at a young age. Desmond was a dear friend to many who worked at and frequented the venue, and his memorial in no way impedes the work of Township officials and is not in a place to be visible from the main street. Desmond's memorial should be treated the same as the cross memorial in front of the Michigan Ave. KFC and many of the roadside crosses for victims car fatalities in the township."

Lansing Township officials didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

Below is a picture further away from the memorial to give you an idea of where it is posted behind the bar. What do you think about the memorial and the request for it to be taken down?

Memorial to Desmond behind Mac's Bar