If you were on Twitter over the weekend, you likely saw some debate about Sweden's alleged custom of not feeding house guests. Even Swedish pop star Zara Larsson weighed in.

The conversation went viral on the app after Twitter user @SamQari shared a screenshot from a Reddit thread about "the weirdest thing you had to do at someone else's house because of their culture/religion."

A Reddit user responded that they were left in their Swedish friend's room while their friend went downstairs to eat dinner. "He told me to WAIT in his room while they ate," the commenter explained. "That s--t was f---ing wild."

User @SamQari did not understand the custom.

"Not here to judge but I don't understand this," they wrote. "How're you going to eat without inviting your friend?"

Check out his viral tweet below:

Several Swedish Twitter users weighed in on the alleged custom in the comments section.

"As a Swede i can confirm this," one wrote. "I would find it weird to feed someone [else's] kid if they just over to play. Sleepover for sure they get food."

"As a Swede I wouldn't say this is really a culture thing," another mused. "It has more to do with when guests come unsuspected and there isn't enough food for everyone. We only make enough food we think we will eat."

"This is very common in Swedish households," another added.

Larsson retweeted the original message and shared her thoughts on it.

"Peak Swedish culture," she wrote.

The "Lush Life" hit-maker shared a bit more about the custom in a series of messages.

"LISTEN this is something that only happens with kids. My family always would, a lot of families would, but it wasn't uncommon to go play at a friends where they would leave you in your friends room or tell you to 'go home and eat you live 2 mins away,'" she explained. "It's crazy but true."

Larsson said that it was "kinda fun" in a way. "That gave me time to snoop around in their room, maybe even steal a pair of bratz shoes if I was feeling frisky."

"I wasn't even sad about it, it's just the way it was," she told one fan.

Although she answered some questions and explained the situation, Larsson didn't seem interested in talking about the topic much longer.

"The way im already tired of this question," she tweeted.

Check out all of her tweets below:

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