After all the social distancing and lock down you've been under, YOU ARE SO READY FOR THIS.

I remember when my friend Amanda here at work turned me on to this. And I was super late to the party. Because there were already three people in and on it. And it was one of those every time I came around they couldn't talk about it because I hadn't caught up yet. Awkward.

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And this show baby. At first I was like, I don't want to watch a reality show with people communicating via social media to win a competition.

But, it's like Big Brother on steroids.

Because, people are really playing a game. Of social influencing. And plotting and planning and CATFISHING!

That's right. The big SHA-BLAM of this show is, people are pretending to be people they are not.

There are eliminations and then face to face meetings after eliminations. And wrinkles and wrenches thrown in like new players added in. And sometimes those players are hella older or a team.

Here's the official show breakdown from the producers themselves.

The Circle is an innovative popularity game inspired by the experience of using social media. Contestants live in separate apartments in a single building and do not meet face-to-face during the competition. They communicate through a special voice-activated social media platform called The Circle and rank each other frequently. Unpopular players are “blocked” and ultimately the most popular player wins a big cash prize. Last season it was $100K! Since they only know each other through their online dialogue and profiles, players can choose whether to present a true or fictional version of themselves. It’s a game exploring questions of honesty and trust when people can’t see each other in the flesh. (The Circle on Netflix)

Do yourself a favor. Peep the trailer. Then watch all of season one on Netflix.

And after you get completely sucked in, there is only one logical thing for you to do next.

Try to get on the show yourself. Head HERE TO APPLY. You gotta be 18+.

And if you need some tips (from the cast) on how to get cast on the show, CLICK HERE.


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