The way you hang your Christmas Light might be the wrong way according to some top designers but there are only 3 steps to properly hanging your lights this year. This is according to Better Home and Garden as they have broken down the best way to hang Christmas Lights on your Christmas Tree this year.

First step is instead of wrapping the pole "Maypole Style", which is from the top to bottom, divide the tree into 3 triangular sections to make it easier for you to visualize and dress up. Make the triangle sections from top to bottom, around the tree's cone.

Next step is plug in a string of lights and put the end of it next to the truck of the tree then weave the lights back and forth across the triangular section. Keep weaving back and forth across the triangular section, until you reach top of the section. You will want to have no more than 300 lights from end to end. Repeat this step with your other 2 triangular sections until you are finished.

Finally this step is kind of weird but it will help get the look you want, as you need to step away from the tree and look at it squinting your eyes until the tree is blurry. This will help you see dark holes in the tree and if you do see any you can rearrange the lights to fill the darkness.

Also another note to help with clean up, when you remove the lights from the tree work in reverse it will help with not having any lights tangled.

They have more helpful tips and also other different options for your Christmas lights, you can see that here. 

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