Hey if you lost power for a significant amount of time this year you might be eligible to get some money back. According to WLNS, if you are a Consumers Energy or DTE customer who didn't have power for more than 16 hours you may be allowed to get a $25 Power Outage Credit.

One of the reasons for the credit is that usually consumers are eligible for a credit under “normal conditions” if the utility fails to restore service within 16 hours after an outage resulting from conditions other than catastrophic conditions. If you are wondering what makes something a catastrophic condition, it means an event where a state of emergency is called, or when there interruptions of 10% or more of the customers, and if  the utility fails to restore power within 120 hours. So this would mean a bad snow or weather event that would take out power for a while.

Also if you are looking to get more credits on your service and if you have had problems with your service there is a credit for people that have had their service interrupted more than 7 times in a 12 month period.

If you think you can get this credit you will want to track when you lost service and keep note of that and also alert your power provider whenever you lost power. More on it here. 

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