Yes you can order your Christmas tree online now and get it shipped to your house. So if you have ever cut down your own tree or like most of us have gotten it from a lot and lugged it home it can be kind of annoying, so this might be something to help you out.

According to CBS News, the company says it will begin selling and shipping fresh full-size trees in November. They offered smaller trees last year, around 3 feet but this year they are going all in with full sized 7 foot trees. Only thing is you might have to pay for shipping unless you have Amazon Prime, so just a heads up on that.

So if you want to get a big tree and not have to lug it, except from your porch to your living room, this could work unless you like to go to the lot as a family and pick out your own tree. According to their website a 7 foot fir will run you about $115.


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