Holt Quality Dairy Groundbreaking

Good news Holt! You'll be getting your QD back! And REAL SOON! Groundbreaking ceremonies are Wednesday, September 12th at 4:30 PM. And construction timelines indicate a December 2018 opening!

The store at the corner of Aurelius and Cedar (2233 S. Cedar St.) in Holt has been closed since October of last year due to an electrical fire.

And not only is QD reopening in Holt at the exact same location, but there are some pretty cool renovations going in at this store. QD gathered and incorporated customer feedback via social media into some of the new features of the store. And they include:

  • Corner Creamery with outdoor seating
  • A drive-up window
  • Freshly-designed interior
  • QD Quick Delivery

“The new Holt store will provide a model for future Quality Dairy locations and existing store remodels,” says Thomas Buschert, Quality Dairy CEO. “Our new leadership team, established earlier this year, has been working hard to create a new vision for this iconic Lansing-based company. The revamped Holt store, along with exciting initiatives like QD Quick Delivery, shows our customers that we remain dedicated to serving them.” (Quote: Press Release KingMediaNow.com)

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