Just when you thought Fat Tuesday and all things Paczki couldn't get any better or more decadent, allow us to introduce you to Paczki Day. Paczki flavored vodka from Detroit City Distillery. And the limited run is available starting this weekend.

For this year's festivities, the Eastern Market-based Detroit City Distillery will, once again, honor the tradition of their Paczki Day Vodka. In previous years, the DCD tasting room has offered mere sips of their specialty vodka. This year, however, they've bottled up a devilish 666 bottles of this year's batch, which will be made available starting Saturday, Feb. 22, when the distillery hosts their Paczki Day Vodka release party. (Metro Times)

And how do they do? It's pretty simple really.

Pączki Day Vodka Returns 2.22.20

Every year, we fire up the still to make you a very special treat for Fat Tuesday.... Pączki Day Vodka. That’s right, we procured twelve dozen of Hamtramck's finest raspberry pączki from New Palace Bakery and distilled them in 100% potato vodka straight from Poland. It's our annual Pączki Day tradition and this year's batch is the best yet. Release party at the Tasting Room on Saturday, February 22, from 10 a.m. until midnight! (Detroit City Distillery)

So, road trip to Detroit Saturday morning? Something tells me you might want to get there early. I'm sure there will be a line. And with only 666 bottles (really lol), they will sell out and fast.

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