If you have ever wanted to downsize your house you can with the tiniest house for sale in Lansing. Downsizing is becoming a big thing with people and families as they look to save money and also use all of the space available to the best of their ability.

If you buy this house then you will need to use all of the space as according to tinyhouselistings.com it is a 8 feet by 20 foot house, no bathroom, and just a loft but it has a lot of windows. Oh also it's unfinished so you will have to put in some work. Another interesting thing about this is that it is on wheels so if you need to move it you can and it can maybe become a guest house for your backyard if you want to keep your house and have the room in your backyard. It is on sale for $16,000 but the buyer will take the best offer so maybe you can get it cheaper.

The listing is below and you can see the house here. 

For sale I have an 8' x 20' tiny house shell. The trailer I purchased from kangaroo trailers through tinyhomebuilders.com. I am asking 16000 for the shell but am open to any reasonable offer. The trailer has electric brakes and the subfloor is fully mounted at 50 points with galvanized bolts.


I personally built this house with experience as a carpenter. I am moving from my current location and don't have the means to take the home with me to finish. The home is fully strapped for travel between studs. The subfloor is insulated to R-15. The roof is snap panel sheet metal roofing. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I do have pictures throughout the build if requested.

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