Well Fusion Shows does it again with another great local show!  Tonight was X Ambassadors at The Loft and I absolutely love this band.  I've already liked them before seeing them live, and their music is all over the wonderful internet, so I won't gush over how great of a band they are, instead I'll just share my favorite things about seeing them live!  (although if you have not heard them yet, check the YouTube video above, this is my jam right now!)

  1.  They are GREAT musicians (and trust me I'm a huge music nerd, I went to college for music theory).  Sam the front man played saxophone and the drums... and I'm always a huge fan of multiple drum sets on stage.  So they are great live if you are a huge music buff.
  2. It helps that they are all good looking boys with a great onstage presence and Sam's gyrating on stage made me giggle a bit!  Where are their personal Twitter pages so I can fan girl out and  stalk them online?!?!  Why in the world did I not ask my boss earlier this week if I could interview them today?!?  I'm slacking!
  3. Unconsolable is probably my favorite song right now and the energy when they played the song live was AMAZING... It was really cool that The Loft was packed and everyone in the venue just went crazy when they played this song.   I think I had a goofy grin the entire time they played that song!

Now, can whoever makes the decision for artists to cross over to Top 40 put these guys on 97.5?!?  I'm ready to start dancing to them like crazy in the studio at work!