Happy Fit Friday!  It's official, I have now turned into one of those people I would love to hate from afar while sitting on my couch watching Netflix with a box of Cheese its but also envy and say, 'Maybe next week I'll go to the gym and sit in the sauna.'

Today is the end of my 15th week working out at Go Workout with my personal trainers and I can already tell I have come so far and am excited for how much more I will learn, grow and transform as I continue my fitness journey!  It definitely has not been easy to change my lifestyle and there were days my muscles hurt so bad I felt like I could barely move, but it continues to get easier the more I work out and I almost crave a good run or session at the gym now if I miss a few days in a row.

Physically I've noticed that of course my waist is slimming down, but holy cow, I forgot I had some abs under there!  They are slowly but surely starting to come out to say hello!  (We'll just call them shy!)  I'm also getting a muscle on my leg that my trainer just informed me was a tear drop muscle which made me giggle and ask why my legs were so sad!  So I have learned that I have shy abs and sad legs!  (bad gym humor for you)... But I am also glad that my booty is getting more defined and a little rounder!  I had a bad case of the flat butt before!  Basically my looks are toning up and I'm getting a little more definition... But that's not even the best part!!!! I ran two miles in a row this week!!! In under 20 minutes!!!! And my first mile was in 9 minutes and 6 seconds!  Now if you knew me 3 months ago when I first started at the gym I was smoking and could barely walk up 10 stairs without getting winded.  I have now quit smoking and absolutely LOVE to run!  Sprints with my trainers are probably one of my favorite things to do now (although it doesn't feel like I love it after a few laps of sprinting and I have to do 3 more!)  I honestly haven't paid much attention to my weight because I know as my muscle builds muscle weighs more but I'm also burning more fat, so I think my weight has fluctuated between 122-130 this past few months, but everyone keeps telling me the scale is not what really matters.

So!  Here's my routine (a few people have been asking): I work out for an hour 2 days a week with my personal trainers (The wonderful David and Jesse whom I absolutely love working out with) at Go Workout (and I ONLY did those 2 days the first few weeks when I started because, well, I was lazy).  I do Hot yoga now whenever I can, which ranges from once a week to 3 times a week.  And this past 3 weeks since I've quit smoking I've added a running day in the week where I run at least a mile, but after the 2 miles this week it looks like I will start pushing myself further!  Diet:  I am not very strict on myself as I probably should be but I have changed the way that I eat (I did this before I even started working out last march and lost 20lbs alone from eating better)... Basically I just make sure I eat good things but don't count calories or how much I eat, and I also don't beat myself up if I cheat occasionally... I opt for whole grains instead of white processed foods (breat,sugar,rice,flour).  I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables and try to eat as clean and natural as possible!

Thanks for letting me share my journey with you!  What do you like to do to stay fit?  I love to hear other's routines and learn about local fitness classes/programs.  I've also learned that I am now addicted to buying active wear... every time I shop I stop to look at workout clothes... so where is your favorite place to shop active wear?!