The website car insurance compromise recently just ranked all of the states by their worst drivers. They ranked all of the states by careless drivers, amount of speeders, drunk drivers, fatalities, and traffic violations and ranked them by the score.

If you are already worried about Michigan, don't be as we scored well, meaning we have less of the bad things above happen here. The only thing Michigan didn't score well on was careless driving, but otherwise Michigan is low in the other categories.

Here are Top 10 States with the Worst Drivers

  1. Montana
  2. New Mexico
  3. South Carolina
  4. Texas
  5. Louisiana
  6. Arizona
  7. Hawaii
  8. North Dakota
  9. Delaware
  10. Mississippi

Michigan meanwhile we ranked overall at 41st, so Michigan is in the Top 10 of the best drivers by state.

To check out the full story and to see the stats, check it out here.