The owner of a Jackson area theater group is asking for the community's support as the group has decided not to wait to relocate to a safer neighborhood after a Wednesday night shooting.

Rehearsal had just ended at The Fourth Wall and Gary Lee Minix and his 13 year old daughter, Hannah, were leaving the venue.  Hannah was already sitting in the car when shots rang out from across the street at The Greenwood Party Store.

While Minix said this was a rare occurrence, he said there have been ten shootings in the area since July 1st.

"It seems that violence is escalating in the area."

That's why Minix decided to close The Fourth Wall on Greenwood and escalate efforts to complete a multi-form venue on Mechanic Street that the group had already been working on.  The new facility will house a theater, gallery and concert venue.

Minix is asking for any type of assistance.  Labor, materials, money -- even prayer.

"We need to improve the space with plumbing, lighting, heat and air conditioning, seating, etc..." a GoFundMe page for the project reads.  The GoFundMe goal is $5,000.  The page has collected close to $1,800 so far.

Citing specifics, Minix said the group needs  "five 2x4 at 8',  fifteen 2x6 at 10' and approximately seventy 4x8 sheets of 1/8 inch hardboard."

Meanwhile, the final three previously-planned performances of Shakespeare's The Tempest have been moved to We Made It, 218 South Mechanic Street in downtown Jackson, across from The Crazy Cowboy.  Performances will be Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm.

The Fourth Wall is a non-profit organization.