The Associated Press has just come out with their list of the greatest college football programs of all time based on the AP Poll. The AP Poll which started in 1936 has ranked the Top 25 teams of the college football week and eventually names a national champion at the end of the season. Now their rankings seem to go by the waste side cause of the College Football Playoff but the AP Poll was how a National College Football champion was crowned for the last 60+ years.

Michigan State was ranked #19 in the Top 100 college football programs for several reasons. First was that they have a lot of #1 rankings (29) and that also the most #1 rankings for a team that hasn't been ranked #1 since the 1960s. In addition, the list weighs the amount of National Championships, which MSU has 1 of (according to AP Poll as MSU has other nation championships from other rankings).  In addition their b1960s as they appeared in 74.14% of polls and have a championship in that decade. While the 1980s dragged their ranking down as they appeared in only 16% of polls in the 80s.

The Top 5 programs on the list are; 1. Ohio St 2. Oklahoma, 3. Notre Dame, 4. Alabama 5. Southern Cal. To see the full list check it out here.