I think it's safe to say, we've all been on some pretty horrible dates. Those awkward pain staking, what seem to last forever dates. Maybe you were just on one? If so, I feel you. I've been there. I once went on a date where a girl had to get dropped off by her dad and then all of her friends showed up. She couldn't understand why I didn't really care to see her again. At least I didn't do this. Check out the story from MTV about a girl that faked her death just to get out of a crappy date. Now I'm about to make a generalization here, and I'm okay with it. Hope you are. It seems that women are always trying to get out of tricky date situations while they're happening.

Don't get me wrong ladies, guys are the worst on a lot of levels when it comes to dating.But I think for the most part, guys stick it out on some really awful dates. It happens to both sexes. Like that date that I mentioned earlier, I toughed it out damnit. I was there, I lived it! Is this the most ridiculous thing you've read when it comes to dating or do you have some horrible stories of your own? Ladies, stick it out on bad dates. Hey, you never know. It can turn out to be great. I mean, probably not. But then, think of the story you'll have for your friends!