Just like romantic comedies, horror films, and other movie genres, action movies are subject to their own series of stereotypes. And while some action flicks manage to subvert these clichés in clever ways, they’re still present enough that we can compile them into a list.

Action movies — at their very core — are meant to entertain us. The fast-paced car chases, the quippy one-liners, and the impressive fight sequences are all heightened. Every normal activity becomes way more intense. Seriously, do these characters even have time to eat? Action movies aren’t supposed to be mirrors to reality. They’re simply a good bit of fun, even though some manage to ground themselves with compelling, honest drama.

Therefore, it can be expected that many action movies follow the same formula. Part of the draw of an action movie is that you know what to expect going into it. Big explosions, improbable scenarios, and smooth-talking characters are all just part of the territory. But when you really think about it, a lot of these tropes are actually incredibly far-fetched.

It’s not a matter of whether these clichés are good or bad. Certain genres thrive off being somewhat predictable, and action movies are no exception. There are plenty of action films that incorporate these tropes without sacrificing quality, such as Die Hard or The Matrix. It’s just that there’s certain elements to these movies that stick out — since we’ve seen them over and over again in theaters.

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