The Red Cedar Project which is projected to be one of the biggest new developments coming to Lansing is starting to get to work. According to Lansing State Journal, workers will be on site at the former Red Cedar golf course starting on Monday 9/23 to begin prepping the area for construction of the new complex.

There are some things that still need to be ironed out before construction can begin though. First, the city of Lansing has not closed on the sale of the land to the construction company yet, but the city is allowing the company to get the land ready. Next, the developers are asking for an exception to Lansing's noise ordinance, so that construction can take place around the clock beginning in October. These two things are still being negotiated but it should be done in the next few weeks.

When all of the above is made official then construction will start, they are hoping by October with project looking to be completed by fall of 2022. More on it here.

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