When it comes to a person's physical attributes, many things are instantly recognizable, such as one's eyes, nose or ears. One woman, though, recognized her boyfriend immediately by seeing just his thumb — and exposed him as a cheater in the process!

Jedda, a.k.a. @jeddamindtricks, took to TikTok sharing how she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her by seeing his thumb in another girl's Instagram post.

Though she was already suspicious upon spotting the short and stubby limb, once she noticed the food order in the photo, she was certain it was him.

"When you catch your boyfriend cheating because you recognized his breakfast order and thumb in another girl's Instagram post," Jedda wrote in a text overlay on the TikTok video, captioning it, "I'm a Scorpio, what’d you expect."

Fair enough!

Watch the clip here:

In the comments section, Jedda provided more details after someone asked, "Was the girl a mutual friend?"

"She’s asked me to not involve her publicly so I’ll keep her business because she’s going through the same as me — he lied to both of us," she replied. "But basically neither of us knew the other existed and each got a different excuse when we confronted him after I found the pics and messaged her."

Jedda added she's "not sure if she’s still with him but I went no contact straight away (after much gaslighting) and he still maintains he didn’t cheat."

"It all only happened like a week ago but when her and I compared what we knew I realized he’s been cheating on me almost the entire two and a half years," she continued.

Users rallied behind Jedda, with many sharing how they caught their partner cheating on them in similar fashion.

"I recognized the shoes I'd bought him for his birthday in her Instagram story. I asked him and he said they weren't his. He was wearing them," one person wrote, while another commented: "I recognized my ex's foot in another girl's Instagram story — they were at the beach together laying on the sand and she only posted his foot but I knew."

"Same! I recognized the breakfast order and scar on his arm," someone else shared.

Meanwhile, another user found out their partner was cheating when they spotted their "man's EAR in another girl's baseball game selfie."

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