Valentines is quickly approaching us here in Michigan, and you're probably wondering what you can do to spend a day with someone you love.

If you're looking for something fancy... castle fancy! I've got you.

Rent This Castle for Valentines Day

It was late at night, and as per usual, I was doing my regular social scroll between TikTok and Facebook. Except, I found something that made me stop and raise my eyebrows.

How about a castle!?

Joy Hardie via Facebook Marketplace
Joy Hardie via Facebook Marketplace

If you're in the Mid-Michigan area too, it's not that far away from you!

The Helmer Castle In Jackson, Michigan

I ironically found the listing on Facebook Marketplace, which I've never officially used, however, I do scroll through it to see if there are any good deals.

The post stats:

"For your Valentine's Celebration we are hosting exclusive one-of-a-kind dining experiences at the Helmer Castle (Jackson, Michigan)"

The cost to rent the castle for a night is $400 and offers two hours for two people in a beautiful home.

Let's be clear too! The valentines dinner, isn't something you have to make either! In fact, it is a 40oz Tomahawk Steak, Salads, Desserts and MORE!

They do have other food selections though, if that isn't your thing.


Joy Hardie via Facebook Marketplace
Joy Hardie via Facebook Marketplace

You can also take a walk to the top of the tower and enjoy the views of the area around it!

If this is something that interests you, as it did peak my interest, you can see more right here! Hurry though, before reservations run out.

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