Will Smith's Instagram page has been providing must-see moments since he started making use of the app in December 2017, and he's showing no signs of slowing down. Yesterday (March 17), he celebrated St. Patrick's Day by previewing a new track in a hilarious way.

In the IG clip, Will is dressed for the occasion rocking an all green outfit. The track definitely has a pop feel, but finds the rapper spitting about an awkward encounter after a night of hard drinking.

"I can't believe this/I'm rattled life in pieces/Like Seattle nights is sleepless," he raps into the camera. "I'm grieving, I'm speechless, I'm dying, not facetious/I was drinking, she was drinking/We was dancing, wasn't thinking/It's not excuses/Look the truth is/I just cut looses/Just what Grey Goose produces/I swear if we get through this, I'll never ever do this/Again, baby let me prove it/Please don't throw me deuces."

Later in the clip, Will reveals himself to be wearing a full on Irish-themed outfit, complete with a kilt, and busts out some hilarious dance moves. The song is presumably titled "Freak Accident." It sounds like a cautionary tale from the Fresh Prince. "DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU! Happy St. Patrick’s Day," he captioned the video.

Will has been dabbling in other genres. In October, he put out the EDM track "Get Lit." In 2015, he appeared on the Bombay Estereo song "Fiesta (Remix)."

Check out Will previewing the new track below.

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