You've seen these posts, these lists, these whatever-you-wanna-call-its, of all the ways to celebrate fall in Michigan.

They all say the same things and there's always the usual suspects listed with some long, drawn out over exaggeration of how wonderful it is.

Typical Michigan Fall Activities

Let's get "real" here about those activities and why you definitely, just should avoid them all together and spend the rest of your fall in Michigan as a bump on a log.

Michigan Fall Activities You Don't Need to do in Michigan

We always talk about how beautiful a Michigan fall is, let's get real though...there's NOTHING to do when you really think about it. (Please note every single ounce of sarcasm in this list)

So, yeah, there really is nothing to do in the fall if you think about it for more than five minutes and look past the romanticism of it all, right?


Okay, we were totally being sarcastic throughout that ENTIRE list.

Of course, we love every single thing about every activity listed on there. Sure, are some "typical" fall things overplayed a bit? Yeah.

However, at the end of the day, fall is full of magic, wonder, and it's more of a "feeling" than anything here in Michigan.

No matter what you do, fall is the only time of the year you can fully let go and immerse yourself in it and make some wonderful memories. I've said it before and I will say it again, fall in Michigan can be whatever you want it to be.

It can be all about comfort, it can be all about ALL of the "basic" fall things, at the end of the day, if this is where your soul thrives, more power to you!

If You Agree With the List, Though...

Yes, your friends will call you a "Negative Nancy" but, hey, everything can't be for everyone. It's totally okay!

Maybe for you, fall brings back some negative memories. Maybe it's a time where your mental health really takes a nosedive. Whatever your reasons are, you don't need to explain them.

Take solace in the fact that as the weather cools down, less and less people will judge you for curling up in your blankets, staying home and watching movies all day.

Every season can't be everyone's favorite but there is a certain season for everyone.

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