It's gonna come as a surprise. A shock even. But it's from a panel of experts. A Michigan State Police representative, a forensic toxicologist, a licensed physician, a registered medical marijuana patient and two university professors.

A recommendation.

The BAC for drunk driving is .08. Currently, there’s no legal limit for THC. And that panel of experts says, there shouldn't be.

A new report says Michigan should not set a legal driving limit for THC in the blood.

Because there is no measurable blood level at which a driver is deemed to be ‘under the influence of marijuana,’ police in Michigan will have to prove a driver is impaired the old fashioned way.

According to the Impaired Driving Safety Commission, current science does not support setting a legal limit. Studies show that, while marijuana use does impair critical driving skills, the blood level does not correlate with impairment. (WILX)

Basically, it comes down to the science of things. There shouldn't be a legal limit set because you really can't measure it correctly. And BAC does not correlate with impairment.

The panel went on to discuss peak THC levels, how impairment levels vary by driver and usage, and more. Including mentioning that of the 33 states that have legalized marijuana, only six have adopted impaired driving thresholds.

(Video: WILX)

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