Let me begin by saying this isn't some crazy religious post. I'm not going to try to convert you or push you towards Catholicism or Baptism or anything. I am a believer and you are free to chose to believe or not. That's not why we're here.

I'm here because I read an article the other day that said this man...

Pope Francis Visits Japan
Tomohiro Ohsumi, Getty Images

Asked fellow believers to pray about robots like this.

Pope Francis urged Catholics to pray that artificial intelligence and robots “always serve mankind” instead of stripping humanity of its “dignity,” according to a report.

“Artificial intelligence is at the heart of the epochal change we are experiencing. Robotics can make a better world possible if it is joined to the common good. Indeed, if technological progress increases inequalities, it is not true progress,” Francis said during his November prayer intention.

“Future advances should be oriented towards respecting the dignity of the person and of creation. Let us pray that the progress of robotics and artificial intelligence may always serve humankind… we could say, may it ‘be human,’” he proclaimed. (NY Post)

So while I thought the Pope knew something we didn't (or had received a call on the hotline from heaven above & God himself), turns out the Pontiff was just saying that if advancements increased inequalities between people, it was not progress.

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That I get. And it's way better than what I thought he was trying to say. Because I thought he was totally telling us to pray to God to stop "Skynet" and Boston Dynamics. Who for some reason are making robots that can DO PARKOUR?!?

Boston Dynamics. Who want to replace your real dog with a $75,000 one because your dogs pees on the carpet. And their dog SPOT is A FREAKING ROBOTIC DOG that can carry about 30 pounds and totally not outrun you.

But this one can.

Yes. Pray that they always serve mankind.

Did you see that episode of Black Mirror though?

Yeah, time to unplug the Alexa and throw out the Roomba.

Ain't nobody got time for this.

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