There's already a number of autonomous floor scrubbers (not robots that walk on two feet, we're not there yet) at Sam's Club but now the membership-only warehouse chain will put robots in all of their stores. It's the future people.

Sam's Club, which is owned by Walmart has a partnership with Brain Corp, an artificial intelligence company, will distribute 372 new autonomous floor scrubbers. The really cool/interesting part is that the software in the robots can do double duty, not only will they mop the floors but they can also examine shelving inventory at the same time.

If the thought process is that same as Walmart, it's not about saving money and eliminating employees, it's about having those employees on the floor helping customers instead of cleaning floors and unloading boxes in the stockroom. At least that's what CNN Business is reporting.

I'm all about technology and I love the idea autonomous floor scrubbing robots but I do think about the people that will no longer be doing this kind of work. Jobs like this are very important to a lot of people so I do I understand both sides of the situation.

You have to admit, it's pretty impressive that these robots can clean the floors and do inventory something that would normally be a really big job especially because of the size of Sam's Clubs.

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