White Castle restaurants used to be found in various spots throughout Michigan. Back in 2006 there were 53 Michigan locations, but now there are 38 White Castles left in our state: in Ann Arbor, Flint, and Howell, with the other 35 all in the Detroit area.

What's wrong with having them throughout the state? Why is Detroit hoggin' all the White Castles? Yeah, the sliders are available in grocery store frozen food departments, but that ain't the same as havin' a bagful of fresh sliders.

And by the way, who knows how long those locations will stay open? Some might even be closed by the time you get around to read this.

Anyone who has experienced – yes, experienced – a White Castle slider, knows they're something special. Tasty, and gone with one bite.

Their history says the first White Castle debuted in Wichita, Kansas over 100 years ago – in 1921 – with only $700 to get it going. These little square hamburger sandwiches cost just a nickel – a nickel -  and were sold by the sack...and people were baggin' and draggin' 'em home in droves.

It became the very first 'fast food' burger joint in the world.

It would be nice to have readily available a sack o'sliders of our own...but unless we wanna drive a number of miles to one of the above-mentioned Michigan locations, I guess we'll have to settle on the frozen version.



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