Growing up, I absolutely loved going to amusement parks, as most kids do. It was a must every year in my family, and we used to save for it to go. A lot cheaper back then.  My stomach would allow me to go on any ride back then, that is not the case as an adult.  I can only stomach an occasional rollercoaster ride these days

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The start of the season Cedar Point is going make all guests make a reservations for both Cedar Point, and Cedar Point Shores Waterpark according to Plus season passholders will be have to make their own individual reservation.  Cedar point is doing this so the park can keep a reduced capacity due to COVID-19.

Our team is busy preparing to open the park for the 2021 season and we couldn’t be more excited,” said Tony Clark, Director of Communications for Cedar Point. “I think we’re all happy to have a little Cedar Point back in our lives.

This year will be Cedar Points 150th anniversary celebration. Wow, that is a long time. Here is exciting news, a new ride will also be making its debut, the Snake River Expedition. Check it out at Always exciting to try a new thrill seeking ride. And check this out, and mark it on the calendar, June 26 to August 15 there will be a lot to celebrate, like a nightly anniversary party, Cedar Point will also be giving way 150  "Tickets of A Lifetime" which will give the winners free access for them and 3 guests to visit for life.  Nice!

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