If you love fast food but have noticed that you're waiting in the drive thru line longer now-a-days...you actually are. This is according to QSR Magazine, which measures drive thru times and fast food times every year. They found a bunch of great stats like fastest drive thru, order accuracy, and customer service. They measured ten fast food chains like Chick-fil-a, Dunkin, McDonald's, Taco Bell, and others to find all of these stats and some might actually be surprising

First, customers spent an average of 255 seconds from speaker to order window in 2019, about 20 seconds longer than in 2018. The restaurant with the fastest drive-thru was Dunkin at 215 seconds, while Chik-fil-a was the slowest at 355 seconds.

Next, even though Chik-fil-a was slowest, they came in first in Customer Service as they placed high in being very pleasant to customers as well as smiling and saying "Thank You." The restaurants with the worst customer service are Burger King, Hardee's, and McDonald's, which all recorded having rude service as well as placing under 30% in very pleasant service.

Next, order accuracy, which is something that we all deal with as I'm sure you have had a time recently where your order was wrong. Well the best place to go for that is Chik-fil-a as they scored a 94% and Burger King was the only other place to score at or above 90%. The place with the worst accuracy by far is KFC which scored 66% and was the only place to score under 80%. So next time you go to KFC, you might want to check your order before you drive away.

You can see all of the stats here, and next time you go to the drive thru, you may see a change in service as all of the places that were in this article are going through making changes at their drive-thrus.


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