There are a lot of ways to get the adrenalin going in this life, one way is the feeling of getting that big money win at a casino.  Maybe hitting that big jackpot on a slot machine, getting 4 of a kind at the poker table, or the fun of hitting a royal flush on video poker.

I lived in Vegas for 7 years and that is quite fun to do.  The thing I learned is to take the money and run after a big hit,  Time can be your enemy in a casino and it is so easy to put some or all of it back.  I really enjoy gambling, but have learned not to play with money I can't afford to lose. A good rule.

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Now that there are so many ways to gamble online with it now being legal in Michigan some people are enjoying online casinos. I actually like to go to the casino and if you do to check out the top 10 casinos in Michigan from

10 Best Casinos In Michigan

If your looking for the best casinos in Michigan you really won't have far to drive. They all are within a 3 or 4 hour drive. The 2 closest to Lansing are Firekeepers and Soaring Eagle. I am a fan of them both. The question is where do you feel the most Lucky?

So if you can't take a long vacation plan a day or two at one of those fine casinos here in Michigan. Gamble, have some dinner, a few drinks, and forget the craziness in the world these days. I recently visited Soaring Eagle Casino and really enjoyed the whole day there. I even hit an $1100 dollar slot.  I broke my own rule though and put half of it back, but had a wonderful day.

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