There is an asteroid close to Earth. It isn't a threat, but it got me thinking: where could an asteroid land in Lansing without anyone noticing? I know this is a weird question, but there was a story from a few years ago about a man who had a decades old asteroid that he used as a doorstop, so it is possible.

There is also an Asteroid floating close to Earth right now and might land on Earth in the future. Maybe it can land here and someone can have their own space rock door stop in the future.

You might be wondering where is this going...well I went through Google Earth as well as my own guesses as I was driving around Lansing this week. I think I may have found a few places where an asteroid could fall in Lansing and no one would know for days or years.  Heck it might have happened already, but I'll share some of my guesses below.

Possible Asteroid Landing Spots

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